Give it Time – 44

Mike left the office early because he wanted to go over his ‘Epiphany’.   Something inside of him wanted to ‘refuse’ to go to the match with Emily for whatever twisted reason;

a) she didn’t leave the amusement park with him,

 b) she wasn’t acting like a girl friend,

c) whatever

The question concerned his socialisation.  

He tried to ponder if it was the ‘Lily Effect’;  being with women who had all these strictures and protocols, hidden meanings and who made connections between what were unassociated events.

Every woman he had ever dated was like that.  Except Emily.

Emily went to the game because she wanted to.  She wasn’t trying to impress him or be compatible.  If she’d never known he existed she go to the match.

She didn’t make dramas out of events.  She took it as it came.

Was she so unique or was his life so twisted?


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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