Give It Time – 38

So here was the situation;  Mike had to be at the office tomorrow, he didn’t want to leave Emily, but she intended to stay.  It was hard for him to define their ‘relationship’.

“It’s fine, Mike, I’m okay, you go.”

With all the people around he didn’t know if he could/should kiss her good night, decided a cheek peck was proper, then walked to the parking lot, got into his car, drove home.

Confused, he almost missed his turn, and forced himself to concentrate on trivia so that he wouldn’t do anything stupid, for tonight had been a visit to a reality that didn’t match his own.

As he got into the flat he forced himself to shower.  He got into bed, and tried to sleep, pushing everything from the moment he left work until he arrived home into fantasy land.


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Written by jaylar

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