Give it Time – 30

After they’d enjoyed their victory lunch, Mike sent Jordon back to the office with the file, saying; “We’ll follow shortly, I want to discuss something with Miss Barnett…”

When Jordon was gone and Emily sat waiting he said;

“I would like to take you out on a real date.”

“A real date?”  she puzzled.


“How is that different from …”  she gestured.

Mike had no idea what he was to answer.  The silence got heavy.   She kept waiting.  Looking into his face, and he was getting anxious.

“I wanted us to go somewhere tonight.  Somewhere special and we’d be together….”  he stumbled.

“Oh, like a celebration?”

“Something like that…something great and fun and ….”

“If you can hold until tomorrow, some friends of mine are having a party at an amusement park.  We can go on the rides and there’s entertainment …and I’ll tell you a secret.  I have already asked for Wednesday off… because I know those people and that Party might last until sun up,”  she said happily.

That was not what Mike had in mind and he felt like making an immediate ‘no’; but…


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Written by jaylar

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