Give It Time – 26

Mike dropped Emily in front of her house, she smiled, said goodnight and went in.

He drove home feeling as if he’d cheated himself, but also that he wasn’t sure what the relationship was between him and Emily.  As he got to his house, Lily was standing in front of his door.

“Where were you?” she demanded, and he, instead of confronting her, saying;  “How is it your business?”   showed her the stub of the game ticket.

She looked at it as  if it were counterfeit,  then waited for him to go into the building,  followed.  As he unlocked his door, she pushed in then leaned against it.

“Aren’t we over?”  Mike asked taking a few steps towards his sofa.

“You want us to be?” she stabbed.

He looked at her.  More than seeing her, he saw how she made him feel, how she was making him feel.   He felt  there was a rope around his neck and if he didn’t please her, she would yank it so he would choke.

“Yes.”  he said, “We are over”.

“Really?” she began, opening her blouse.

He back walked across the room, opened the hall door;   stood against it and  replied “Really…” in a  loud voice.  

People opened their doors to see what was happening.  

With Mike standing half in the hall his arms crossed,  she didn’t need further embarrassment. Lily quickly buttoned her blouse,  moved to the hall.

“You’ll be sorry.”

“I doubt it.” he replied and slammed the door.


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Written by jaylar

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