Getting it So Wrong


The most racist person I ever knew was considered a very nice lady.  

She never uttered a single word about any one. She never spoke about civil rights or in any way behaved as if she thought any group was inferior.

Only if one lived with her, would one notice she never watched television programs with black characters, listened to music played by black people.

She had no friends who were not her race/religion/economic status.

If invited to a function where there would be black people, she would decline sweetly.  

When her daughter married a black man, she declared her daughter officially dead.  She never wanted to see her daughter again or her grand children.

And never did.

Over Forty years passed, when he daughter phoned her. She was polite and cut the call short, and did not take her number.

This is because she is so racist that the idea  her daughter let a black man touch her made her ‘unclean’ for eternity.

If you met her, whatever colour you are, she would be polite.  If you asked her;  “Which way is Blue Road?”  she would tell you.

But she is racist


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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