Getting it So Wrong – Terean -1


Terean rented out the side rooms in her grandmother’s house and lived in the centre.  As the tenants arrived, she would start off as Miss Sunshine, being so helpful and giving free Internet to her tenants.

After a week or so, if she got up on the wrong side of the bed, or if a tenant didn’t look at her with worship, she would lock off the router.

When the tenants came to her she would babble something about it being  an ‘ify’  connection.  She’d mention that they lived in a certain area which had spotty coverage.  Terean would say whatever she felt she could get away with.

In a day or so, she’d switch it back on and act as if nothing happened.  The fact she wouldn’t have Internet paled beside the fact that she was depriving her tenants.


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Written by jaylar

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