Getting It So Wrong – 19

Years ago, I wrote an article about Troubleshooting a 5 Star Hotel.   My generic name for the person who ignores people in front of her because she’s on the phone is “Keisha”.

There was a comment made to my article, which began;  

“You are so racist!  No black woman would be able to get a job at a 5 Star Hotel!”

And it went on and on and on….

I stepped away from the computer a moment, in  a state of shock… then slowly, clearly explained;

“I live in Jamaica.   The Prime Minister is Black.  The Chief Justice is Black, the Commissioner of Police is Black, the Governor General is Black…..”

Here was a commentator on an article, who never caught that I didn’t live in America.  Who never imagined what she experienced in America was not ‘standard’ in the rest of the world.

Here was a woman would could not believe there were places in the world where a black woman could be a front desk clerk at a 5 Star Hotel.

The Commentator did not post again.

How can someone get reality so wrong?

What do you think?

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