Getting it So Wrong – 13

For some reason, Debbie thought she was a loans officer and began loaning money to her  ‘friends’.

Everyone who knows her knows that she is ‘scattered’;  that is she can start five projects and finish none.

She is the kind of person who will loan $10,000 to someone, (who makes a two payments of $200) and a year can pass  before she realises it.

Finally, seeing how much she was owed, Debbie went to get a lawyer to recoup her losses. The same open pocket Debbie turned into a penny pincher in which she seemed to believe people will work for nothing.

She will whine and complain about every little fee; from paying a bailiff to paying a clerk to file the documents.

If she had sense she’d of done her loans via a lawyer who would receive her $ and at the first mis step,  the person would have been sued; the lawyer given enough cash to do it.

But Debbie gets life wrong.

Debbie can loan money to people who have no intention of repaying and whine about paying a person who works for her


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Written by jaylar

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