Getting it so Wrong – 11

Children blame others for their errors.   When young, they even blame inanimate objects; 

“The chair did it!”, as they get older they try to find others; blaming a baby or a neighbour for what they did.

In normal children, the fear of taking blame dissipates.   

But not all children are normal.   The especially weak, find new and better targets; parents.

Whatever it is, it is the parent’s fault.

These persons get into the habit of blaming their parents for all of their faults    

Whether they fail an exam, are alcoholics or drug addicts, whether they are abusers or the abused, whether they invest in Ponzi schemes or lose their wallets, it is their parent’s fault.

These persons can not grasp their autonomy,  they mark themselves inferior.  In most cases, those who hate their parents actually despise themselves.


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