Getting it So Wrong – 10

Many times, kids ‘hate’ their parents for no actual reason.  It has become ‘normal’ for them to simply slap a label and move on.

The parents, many of whom did their best, can’t understand what happened.

They don’t realise that the nanny they hired; be it a stranger or a relative has, for their own selfish reasons, poisoned the child’s mind against them.

The child, too young to have words or understand, takes what they are told as fact.

When the parents discard the Nanny;  realising what has happened, the child who might even have learned that the Nanny was no good, will still hold those evil thoughts against the parents.

Thinking that getting rid of the Nanny will ‘cure’ the problem is wrong.   The child has to learn, on their own, so as to turn against the Nanny and feel guilt, and then turn to the parents.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar

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