Getting In Too Deep – 4

I began responding to emails politely and distantly, a few of the writers were a little too wacky, so I only sent a brief acknowledgement, not going into details.  

Most of these didn’t bother me again, a few I had to block.    

Two of my correspondents, who were not all that wacky were avid.  They didn’t seem to have much life.   I wound up answering their emails almost every day.

I began to invent ‘backstories’ for various ‘events’ in the actor’s life.  I did a bit of cut and paste from the posted biography, and a lot of fiction.

As I made my money as a writer, it wasn’t a big deal to write a paragraph here and there.  

And then, the idea took me.

I began a short story which encapsulated what I was doing with these two fans.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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