Getting in Too Deep -1

When I took control of my gmail account I began to see posts from people I didn’t know, telling me how much they loved me and my portrayal.

This was weird.

I wasn’t an actor, and I didn’t recognise the names of those who had written the email.  I was scrolling through these messages until I got to the fourth,  in which  the writer was describing my ‘portrayal’ in a named Television Serial.

I did a search, found the serial and  realised what had happened.

I had the same name of a minor actor who had appeared in that Serial,  (which had gone off the air).  I began to watch it on one of those free sites.

I liked the character my name sake portrayed,  did a search and found a site he created.   I began to scan it, and felt like punching through the screen.

Here was this nobody actor I had never heard of, who was pontificating as if he had a trunkload of awards.

Considering this, I went off on my frolic.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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