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Garth Brooks Stops Concert After Seeing A Woman's Sign in Crowd

Here is another video for the #Favorite-things challenge. Again, this is Garth Brooks; a major name in country music. In country music circles, they don’t call him a superstar, they call him a megastar. It isn’t just his music, it is who he is.

As people might know by now, I really like Garth. I tremendously enjoy his music, but it is far more than that. Many stars say that they love their fans, and there is no doubt that many do. However, Garth takes it a step further. He loves to show fans that he loves them and sometimes he goes to extremes in order to do it. That has definitely earned my respect.

This is an example. Garth stopped a concert right in the middle of it, all for a fan. It is nearly impossible to watch this video clip without realizing that his feelings are genuine. It is all the more impressive because he isn’t trying to impress anyone. He is simply being Garth and reaching out to another person, whom he doesn’t even know.

That is tremendously inspirational because it shows what we should all be doing. It is not only inspirational, but it is also humbling.


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Written by Rex Trulove

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