Friday 13th Extended?

Sunday, July 15, 2018

I think my Friday 13th bad luck seems to be still lurking around. Today, when I was getting ready for this afternoon’s meetup, I noticed that my fashion hiking-style boots from Buckle store is starting to fall apart. The Heels are cracking and tearing apart. So, I took them off. I think I bought them around 2015, and I mostly wear them for walking group meetups. I wore my old Mizuno sneakers that I used to wear for treadmill walking at the gym. After the two-mile walk, a layer from the bottom of the sneakers fell off. I am not sure what I will wear now for walking group meetups. Maybe I need to buy new sneakers for street hiking.

The Reflexx band played at 5:30 pm at the park for two hours. They were OK, but I have never heard of them before. They played mostly nostalgic 80s songs that I grew up with during my teen and college years. It was flashback from the past, especially when they sang The Breakfast Club theme song and AHA’s Take Me On. There were more people at this Sunday’s Concert at the Park than last Sunday’s Concert at the Park. I did two short videos, as well as a couple of snapshots. It was like a large summer picnic festival at the park until eight in the evening.

I want to still try to fix my Versalite Classic folding chair. One of the black joint thing broke. Maybe I will find something at Ace Hardware.

I need to drop by Michaels to buy more paper. I have two more pages to retouch. And, then, I want to redraw two pages as well as draw the book covers. I also need to make an appointment for my car’s annual checkup sometime this summer, but I am not sure what day yet.


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