For Himself – 2

Teddie and I went to all the matches.   He always got the tickets, claiming some connection, which I never explored.   He refused to take any money from me.   Sometimes he’d let me take him for coffee, or to a function as repayment.  

We were friends.

Then, he called me.  Called me to say  he couldn’t get another adjoining seat as he was bringing someone, but got me a near seat.

That was the first icicle up my spine.

The second when I saw the ‘someone’;  she was beautiful.

She clung to him as if she’d float away if she let go.

I was two rows behind, so could see them.   She was as interested in the match as watching paint dry.

At the end when we caught up and were discussing the match, he introduced me to Keline.

She gave me a fake smile, then said; “Teddie, we have to go…”

He kept talking and she repeated, adding; “We’re suppose to be meeting Steve and Elon….”

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Written by jaylar

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