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Fixing things in the house

Thursday, 6.20.19

Today, I worked on fixing things. I went to Best Buy to buy a new cable for my Panasonic Video/DVD player. I also learned that that little piece with my HP computer is actually for the wireless mouse and keyboard. I thought it was decor or file storage. I asked the Geek Squad about it, and they told me how to use it to make the wireless work. So, I went home, and placed it at the back of my computer. I used the AAA batteries that came with the computer, and placed them into the keyboard and mouse. I turned on the computer and logged in. It worked. 

I changed the cables for the DVD/Video player, and turned on the television. I placed a dvd to see if it works. It had a connection because it read and played the dvd movie, but the picture was messed up. I don’t know why. I did everything I did before when it used to work. But maybe I am missing something or I forgot a small step. I called Cox Communication to troubleshoot. Then, I watched some Youtube videos. Maybe I should call someone from Cox to try to fix it, even though this issue has nothing to do with cable, and they will charge me for coming to my home. I don’t know what else to do, and sometimes I feel like watching my dvds and videos. 


What do you think?


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