Fixing Sudden Issues…

Saturday, 7.10.21

Yesterday, after I returned home from the dentist, I did reseach on Youtube to figure out why my videos weren’t importing to my PC. I soon realized that I have low disk space and I need to get rid of some pictures and videos on my hard drive. So, I went through many photos, deleting some and moving others to a portable disk drive. I decided to move all the 2019 and 2020 photos and videos to the portable drive, and it suddenly cleared a path for new items to enter. I imported my two videos from my iPhone to my PC quickly, and easily uploaded them on Youtube. Those videos were the three Summer Concert Series I made on Thursday. Two of them were big. 

I quickly fixed on issue I had. 

My next issue to fix involves fixing my KL camera purse. Its strap tore off from one side while I was wearing it crossbody and walking for two hours on Friday evening. I will try the shoe repair shop first. They fixed my Donna Karan mules before–one heel was fell out. I will either go today or tomorrow.

Most things and other issues are fixable. They just require patience and a lot of research to figure out the best option, or sometimes any option that works.


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