Five (unscheduled) Flights a Day – 40 -End

Those in Jamaica, the only ones who cared about Junior, would never know what happened to him.

They didn’t know where he went or had been. Some assumed he had died years ago.   Some had visited local morgues. The fact they didn’t see his body made them a little hopeful, but not much.

Bagga who had been there when Junior was shot, who had run and left him where he feel, took the loss  with a shrug.   He wasn’t the first ‘trigger’ he’d lost, wouldn’t be the last.  

Bagga had ganja to sell, and area to defend. He had executions to plan, and other men who could be his trigger.

Losing Junior was no more than losing a pack of cigarettes.   He could always buy another.


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Written by jaylar

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