Five (Unscheduled) Flights a Day – 4

Junior helped carry the ganja onto the trolley and it was brought upstairs.

The two bedroom apartment didn’t have much furniture.  There was a table, three chairs in one area, and thin foam mats on the floors of the bedrooms.  

Junior was directed to one mat and went out and slept for six hours.

He woke and spoke to the guys who were there, showered,  washed his clothes, given other clothing to wear.

He got a plate of food, and wished he had a toothbrush.

After eating, he was given a coat, taken outside, told where to stand, and how to sell the ganja.

He stood in the cold until the last stick was sold, then went back into the flat, ate another meal.

He was then put to work rolling the ‘joints’ as they were called.


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