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Five (unscheduled) Flights a Day – 30

The next day he was to wait for Bagga.   Junior went through Snakey’s things, finding a lot of stuff he didn’t want, a lot he did.

He packed what he didn’t want into the boxes and put them in the front room.  He made breakfast, ate, washed up, began to clean the apartment and Bagga arrived.

Junior acted as if he was happy to see him, but wasn’t.  

In real life, in Jamaica, Mego was at the top of the mountain, Jibba and he a few feet below, Bagga a few yards below him.  Here, Bagga was acting like he was in charge, but Junior knew he wasn’t.

He might have control of the ganja houses and the people who ran them, but not the trade, not the big issues.

Junior wanted to get away but had no where to go.  He’d have to stick it out until he did.


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