Five (unscheduled) Flights a Day – 29

The apartment in which the party was being held was jammed, the music was blasting, and Junior wasn’t surprised to see police coming in.

He moved to the stairs, up, two of the girls with him.  He quickly  unlocked the door to his apartment and they went in.

They spoke of nothing much.

In one way he didn’t want them here, touching and using things, but in another, he didn’t want to be alone.

This was really the first time he was having a social interaction since he left Jamaica, so in some ways it was prized.

The girls stayed while the music was shut off, there was shouting, and scuffling, and when it was over, they waited another hour, then asked him to walk them to the subway.

He was proud, in a way, that today he’d walked and found it, so could escort the girls to, down and wait while they bought tokens and went through the gate.

He waited until the train came, talking to them over the turnstile.  

He saw the train come, saw they get on, and the train leave, then went up and walked back to his flat moving quickly.


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Written by jaylar

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