Five (Unscheduled) Flights a Day – 2

The exportation of marijuana from Jamaica to the United States was done via small planes, landing in a just plowed field, where men holding bottles of kerosene in which a rag was used as a wick, formed the landing lights.

The ganja, as marijuana is called, had been paid for, the men who formed the ‘landing lights’ would be paid in ganja, after the flight departed.

Two crocus bags, (holding about forty pounds each)  would always be held back as pay.  

Three or four men would be exported with the ganja. They would help load it into cars, waiting at a similar venue in Florida, and travel with it to where it was going.

Once it arrived it would be sorted, rolled into tiny spliffs and sold for $5.00 each.

Those who travelled with the ganja would be the ones selling it on the strange streets.

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