Fish in a Bubble – 365 Photos Challenge #10

Fish in A Bubble

It took me several shots to get the effect that I wanted on this photo. This is unfiltered. Except for the watermark and a little cropping I did not major editing on this photo.

I started taking pictures of this subject last night. I’m one photo behind in this challenge actually. However, I wasn’t satisfied with the results. Again, I am using my Huawei Y5 III to take my photos for this challenge.

Originally I wanted to include the whole description of this subject. However, when I saw the result, I thought I would add another challenge…

Can you identify this item? Or at give least a description of it.

I will post another photo of this item on Monday. With good lighting this  time.

For the meantime you can check my previous entry: Afternoon Sun – 365 Photos Challenge #9


What do you think?


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