Feelings – 7

Something was bothering me about Cord’s mother’s death.  I tried to uncover what it was.

I disliked Cord’s mother more than anyone.   Cord would have been better off if she died ten years ago.  

That that night, as I lay on my bed, I recalled the last social event.   Cord had taken his mother, Arlene had come on her own.

Arlene was right there as Cord’s mother shoved away a plate saying, angrily, 

“Don’t you remember I’m allergic to Almonds?”

Arlene had made an ‘Aha!’ expression.  Yes, a second or two, but I had seen it.

I was almost certain that Arlene had something to do with Cord’s mother’s death, (although the investigation wasn’t complete).

I asked myself, how would she get access to the food Cord’s mother ate?

Leaving it there, I went to sleep.

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