Feelings – 3

Cord was one of those ‘perfect’ men.   Handsome, beautiful voice, confident, capable, sense of humour, easy to work with, etc.

That Arlene would be besotted by him was not phenomenal.  The depth of her passion, however, was remarkable.   It was as if she had never seen a man before.

Having seen the expression on Arlene’s face, I turned to see what she was looking at, so I had my eyes on Cord when he felt her gaze.

He looked up, met her eyes, nodded, then returned to what he was doing for few seconds, then looked up again, and returned her stare.

I was called away, so I don’t know the next ‘chapter’.  

However, a week or so later I saw them together.  Arlene was looking brighter and happier than I had ever seen her, and Cord was his usual self.


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Written by jaylar

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