Europe, Australia & Israel Continues Protests

Monday, 3.33.21

All over Europe, from Norway to London, as well as Australia and Israel, many people are protesting against this Cornyflu Plandemic lockdowns, restriction, new waves vaccines, and endless lies. 

There will likely be endless New Waves, endless lockdowns, and endless vaccines to desensitize the world population, probably after killing off more people and making others very sick, and the whole earth will move into the New World Normal Order agenda. 

#1 The Fourth Wave of Covid – Coronavirus pandemic, anti lockdown protests and freedom

Monday, 3.22.21

A man in Norway explains that a fourth wave is comming and Norway will be entering another lockdown. This 'New Normal' is about a continuous New Wave of Cornyflu Plandemic for the world depopulation agenda. Meanwhile, each New Wave is planned to desensitize the world population into the New World Normal Order.

Therefore, it is important to:

  1. Prepare for your future by storing basic needed items and associating with likeminded people.
  2. Claim your freedom.
  3. Pray.

#2 Anti-lockdown protesters clash with cops at demo in London

This video is from the protest on Saturday, 3.20.21, in London, England, UK, where many protestors clashed with police to take back their freedom and independence. Many protestors were arrested. But the march and chanting continued.

Someone's banner noted, "THE 'CURE' IS WORSE THAN THE 'DISEASE'

They chanted, "STAND UP, RISE UP."

Another banner noted, "UNITE FOR FREEDOM."


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