Environment Conservation :Need of Hour

God has blessed us with an Idyllic world where birds sing, flowers bloom, trees dance in a euphoric environment. But we humans are ruthlessly annihilating the environment without accessing the grave consequences of our thoughtless acts. The world is drowning, the nature is shouting and there is a requisite need of environment conservation. It’s high time that we realize the grave harm that we are causing to Mother Earth. We are continuously exploiting our natural resources which are already on the verge of exhaustion. Overpopulation is another major cause for the over utilization of minerals and natural resources. Though hunting and pouching of animals is banned and several laws have been passed for the same, still it is being practiced shamelessly in our country. Deforestation has destroyed the natural habitat fo animals. The contamination of the surroundings has given rise to several diseases and has become a major threat for the ascending population. This has resulted in an ecological imbalance and consequently, we have pushed ourselves into a perilous situation. Therefore, it’s an alarming state and we need to ameliorate the environment before our nurturing mother earth rebukes and holds its children with treacherous claws, causing havoc and spreading resentment everywhere.


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