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I use music as a tool.  It helps me feel better.  I always feel happy or at peace when I listen to music.  Water also does tremendous wonders for me.  It helps clear my energy, when I feel I have absorbed too much negative energy aimed straight at me.

Because I am empathic, I can feel other people’s energy.  I can also feel other people’s intentions towards me.  If they have negative intentions, I can feel all their anger, or rage, or insecurities.  They don’t fool me.  I am quite aware.  This is why, you need to know how to protect yourself.

Some people suggest using crystals, and salt baths, but you can also use psychological tools such as setting boundaries, and finding a support system.  The latter is key.  You need to find like minded people who understand what you are going through, or at least, want to comfort and support you when you  need it the most.

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People’s words carry energy.  This is why, as empaths, we can feel people’s intentions towards us.  Their words, are in fact, casting a spell.  It is important to remember this, because when we realize that we need to rid ourselves of this energy, we are taking charge of the energy that surrounds us.  In a way, we are taking charge of changing the charge of energy from negative to positive energy.  We are in control of the charge in energy that we carry.


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Written by Maria Ayala

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