Embrace Digital Detox to Live a Fulfilling and Meaningful Life

Our interest in technology and smart digital gadgets are driving us crazy like never before. With more than 35% of the world’s population in possession of a smartphone, the obsession with digitized devices and technological advancements has pushed social interactions and relationships to the backseat. It is no hidden fact that the global population that is able to access the internet and smartphones is almost on the verge of digital addiction where mankind is over-using technology. Just like alcohol and drug addiction, today is the time when smartphone users need to decide if they want to get rid of this technology addiction or not. The conscious process of getting rid of screen addiction is called digital detox.

Digital detox challenge run by Punkt.

Punkt., a brand that is driving digital detox and minimalistic technology dependence, in its own special way, runs a ‘Digital Detox Challenge’ where smartphone users are invited to take up the challenge so that they can take time off from technology and focus on other aspects of life. Digital detox is but obviously a personal choice and individuals who are self-confessed addicts of technology and smart devices take up the challenge from Punkt. to consciously keep themselves away from the over-use of hi-tech and next-gen devices and gadgets.

One of the most effective methods of being a part of the Digital Detox campaign is to start using a dumb mobile phone. People who give up the use of smartphones specifically while maintaining the use of laptops, tablets, computers and other smart devices, become part of what is famously known as the phone detox process.

A basic phone or the dumb phone is one that can be conveniently used for basic calling and sending text messages. Beyond that, it limits the use of the mobile phone device that today most of us use relentlessly for hours and hours. The objective is quite clear – to free up the time that we spend in close contact with technology and do other meaningful things like building new and re-visiting old relationships. The logic behind the phone detox is not to hand over the reins of your life to technical items, rather take back control over your life and use technology only when required and to the extent that it makes life comfortable for you.

Digital Detox involves: –

  • Using the mobile phone for the fundamental purpose that it was initially made to fulfill – that is to call and send text messages.
  • Stay away from all other distracting elements associated with technology like state-of-the-art apps including social media, games, etc.
  • Get back to the meeting and chatting up with people face-to-face and in-person.
  • Socialize with people in real life rather than use social media to catch up with friends and family in real-time.
  • Leave the phone out of your bedrooms and switch off the phone before you go off to sleep.
  • Work on staying away from constant and regular checking the mobile phone for new messages and notifications.

Let’s behave more responsibly towards our own selves and be more mindful of the quality of our lives by deciding to go in for a digital detox challenge.


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Written by Mathew Robbin

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