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Eli & Snow – 365 Photos Challenge – Days 19 -23

I have been so behind on the 365 photos challenge.  I have been busy because of Christmas and everything, and then I have been working on some art.

I decided to share a gallery of days 19 through 23 instead of posting them separately.

Here are some photos of Eli, some snow, and some clouds. I hope you enjoy them all!   Please let me know which is your favorite.  I won’t open this one for voting so that they can stay in order.

Would you like to join the challenge? Feel free to!  Here are the rules to the challenge posted by @artbytes26

My last 365 Photos Challenge Post:

Reindeer Ornament: Day 18

#1 Eli on Christmas Day – Day 19

Eli was a happy kid on Christmas because he got to spend time with his cousin that he doesn't get to see very often.  They got to eat lunch together and then play.

#2 Eli on Christmas Eve – Day 20

Getting his picture taken before opening presents. He was so excited he didn't want to hold still!  

#3 Clouds on Christmas Day – Day 21

For a while we thought it was going to be a foggy, dark day.  The skies brightened up and the clouds came out.  

#4 Clouds & Trees – Day 22

I captured a picture of these trees and clouds together, I thought it looked neat. What do you think?  

This was also taken on Christmas Day.

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#5 Snow – Day 23

This photo shows how much snow we had Christmas day.  It was around 4 inches total.   It looks pretty, but I don't like driving in it!  

Did you have a white Christmas? 


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