Early Childhood Education

This was my major when I first started back to college after studying at a business school that closed down and was bought out.  This was also the major I chose after caring for my first and nephew when they were four and two years of age.

E is for entertaining and fun,

A is for active listening,

R is for ‘reading’ stories,

L is for learning in different ways,

Y is for young children.

C is for caring,

H is for healthy learning,

I is for individual styles,

L is for life skills,

D is for daily activities to master,

H is for how-to activities,

O is for organization that is messy at times,

O is for order at times,

D is for discipline at times,

E is for edification of ideas for, 

D is for dedicated teachers,

U is for understanding children and parents,

C is for community helpers,

A is for action oriented,

T is for teaching the right and wrong,

I is for instructing safety skills and other skills,

O is for outgoing personalities,

N is for nuisances ignored.


What do you think?


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  1. I started my study of Early Childhood Education when I was babysitting for my sister and my first niece and nephew. I am now an Education specialist when I completed my doctorate degree. I worked in a day care and I was mainly in the infant and toddler rooms. I loved it and I too enjoyed reading to my niece and nephew and to the young children I cared for then. Currently I write reviews of children’s literature as well as writing lectures for the Education World magazine. Thank you for reading my word poem.

  2. Thanks for sharing this!

    I learned to read stories to the children everyday when I have my first kid. It’s so important and children like it very much. Active listening is important too.

    I thought of studying early childhood education, but I didn’t really go for it. I started to learn more about it when I have my own children.

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