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Drawing Challenge #5: Who is this Virily Member

I started a drawing challenge, and I have been drawing Virily members, in the hope that everyone can identify them. If you join the challenge you can draw Virily members as well, or draw what you feel like drawing. Let me know if you join it, so I can comment on your drawings.

PhotoMania Magic Star

The Virily member I have chosen for this post is a very nice person. That is all the hint I am going to give you, except on her profile cover page there is the shape of an arch of some kind. Before you go looking for arches lol see if you can tell just by the drawing.

PhotoMania Rainbow

Drawing is a very relaxing hobby in my opinion. Why not pick up a pencil, chalk, etc, and see what you can draw, and have us all guessing.

Photomania Colored Squares

Hope you have enjoyed the show. Now who is this Virily member?


What do you think?

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Written by LaJenna


  1. Oh! Thank you, very much! What did I do to deserve your attention? Virily does not work very well to me. It is very slow and can not see the posts! You are very talented even though I did not recognize myself in the drawing! I think I have to look at myself more often in the mirror!

      • I’m not cheating at all, LaJenna, but just take the easiest path. If you are willing to accept my suggestion, color your picture in full, free as you please, I am sure it will be a great work and then you will produce many beautiful paintings with your distinctive style!

        • I was just kidding Albert lol about the cheating. What would you suggest, colored pencils are what? I thought I had some but i can not find them. Thank you

          • Anything you like, LaJenna. You can color it in any way; pencils, watercolors, or markers, or mix everything up! It’s good if you copy it first, and start with a copy. About cheating, do not joke because I was cheating indeed. Hehehe…