Don't let anyone fool you that the sky is the limit!

No one but you is responsible for your loss. Neither is for your success! Therefore, whatever you do, whatever you decide, brings you closer to one of the two ends of the stick. As the only difference between a good day and a bad day is only your attitude, you can just as well start by picking the attitude that will drive you to the willing destination. In order to witness success, first of all, one should be motivated. The following tips will, if nothing more, at least bring you back the motivation and the confidence if your final destination is the top. However, make sure you enjoy the ride!

1. Make a private ”to do” list.

2. Take risks and hunt the success.

3. Surround yourself by successful people.

4. Focus only on the goals and orientate your life after them.

5. Visualize yourself as a successful person.

6. Make a plan how to reach your goals.

7. Be spontaneous and follow your intuition.

8. Complete your tasks step by step and follow their natural plot.

9. Do not get distracted by the things that has nothing to do with your goals and be aware that the time is a limited resource. 

10. Say goodbye to the fake believes and ideologies.

11. Work on your confidence.

12.Open your mind for new perspectives.

13. Improve your social skills.

14. Before you say something make sure you are aware and well informed of what you are saying.

15. Accept the losses and be open to learn from them.

16. Be patient and persistent like an unstoppable machine.

17. Be flexible and fit in the surrounding. 

18. Always take care of yourself.

19. Workout as much as you can and take care of your body.

20. Educate yourself and never stop learning.

21. Apply the things you’ve read in the books but do not underestimate the lesion from the street.

22. Try to be successful because of the real reasons.

23. Speak nothing but the truth and be honest.

24. Optimize your slipping habits.

25. Believe in yourself and in your skills.

26. Create your own routine and follow it. Every day without exception. 

27. Manage well your time.

28. Be patient, calm and modest. 

29. Develop an approach aimed at realizing your goals (in each field).

30. Have a strong will to reach your goal.

31. Think positive.

32. Do not look for excuses when your behavior’s in question.

33. Dedicate yourself to making your dreams come true. Always.

34. Learn something new each day. 

35. Dream big.

36. Focus on the options and the possibilities in front of you, not on the loss.

37. Do not pay too much attention on the obstacles on the road to the goal. 

38. Visualize not only the goal but the road to it as well. 

39. Be ready to be different from the others.

40. Be more active and brave.

41. Create and develop a successful way of thinking.

42. Believe that the destiny is in your favor and do what you think is best to do in each moment. 

43. Be mentally active in every activity.

44. Make your time a priority. 

45. Find the peace inside your soul and heart. 

46. Pay attention and follow your progress.

47. Have a faith and think positive when your life’s in question. 

48. Improve your communication. 

49. Make yourself a time frame. 

50. Do not postpone and work more than the others. 


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