Discussions After Ceasefire

Monday, 5.23.21

After the ceasefire ended, many protests worldwide, including nationwide in USA, continued to Free Palestine against Zionist Israel. Everyone, including many people in Israel, want peace and coexistence with Gaza. But the Zionist Elites in Israel, as well as Zionist Allies, still want to steal all Palestine, whether they have to mass murder Palestinians or run them off towards other countries as homeless refugees seeking a nomadic home elsewhere. 

It is noted that 47% of the Israelis didn’t want the ceasefire. The rest are protesting for a peaceful and coexistence with Gaza in a 2-state solution. But Jeff Halper feels a 1-state solution is better, or more peaceful. 

#1 Israel: Thousands rally in Tel Aviv to demand peaceful coexistence with Gaza

Sunday, May 23, 2021

In Tel Aviv, Israel, many people protest for a peaceful coexistence with Gaza and Palestinians in a two-state solution. The protestors are fighting back with the Zionist Elites for peace with Palestine. They want to live together in peace and harmony. Even though there was a ceasefire, the terrorism will not end because it will go into the same cycle of terrorism, violence and destruction. They state the elites in Zionist Israel are fascists. And, the violence and terrorizing will continue later.


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