Dealing with an Owned Man – Herbert 2

Herbert was good at seduction.  Teresa plunged into love with him,  brought him to reside in her house.  She took care of him.

Teresa  bought the food, cooked it,  paid the bills,  bought him whatever he wanted; treated him like a king.  

Herbert was living in luxury. Everything was perfect;  until they left the house together.

In public, Teresa treated him like dirt.

Whether they were in the supermarket or on the road, she ordered him about like a servant, shouted at and insulted him.  When  he objected she would shout;  “Get out!  Leave my House!”

It made no sense.  

Then he remembered, she was crazy.

Teresa was a schizoid and  this kind of unbelievably offense behaviour was normal for her.


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Written by jaylar

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