Dead Love – 18

Arriving at college Louis made friends, joined  organisations, so that he was never alone, never without a place to go or people to see.

He had girlfriends, and became engaged.  Her family became his family.   It was her mother who planned the wedding.

It was a wonderful affair,  held in his wife’s town, surrounded by her family.  His parents arrived as  guests, and left after the ceremony   They were treated as the strangers they were..

Louis and his wife went off for their honeymoon and on return stayed with her family.  

They gained jobs,  saved to buy  a house  not far from where her family lived.  Louis was happy, so was his wife, and so were their children.

His parents had no part in his life, and beyond courtesy calls or visits, there was no contact.

Neither side felt any loss, concern, interest.  


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Written by jaylar

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