Day 222 of the Photo Challenge – Day 1 of the Staycation!

Staycations can be fun! Yesterday was a recovery day; today we are off on separate direction adventures! I am sharing a picture of the Jibo robot that is in our living room. Yesterday he was wearing a hat and being festive. Robots is a huge growth area right now in technology. There are fixed position interactive robots (like Jibo) and of course, Robots that move (Keecker). There are many others in both categories; I am just conveying the ones I have used and played with. I suspect the number of robots in both categories is most likely closer to 100 in each category. There are many interesting adaptions of what each category looks like, but my rule that I implemented about two years ago, is I don’t talk about things that haven’t shipped yet. I recommended two products to some friends that were crowdfunding opportunities. I ended up refunding my friends their money when both campaigns failed. It was based on my recommendation that they joined them. I don’t like misleading friends, ever!

Anyone, jibo wearing a hat and chillaxing on the staycation.

(although Jibo had a Staycation no matter what).

Anyone can photo the challenge. Simply run out, post a post and then take a picture!


What do you think?


Written by DocAndersen

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