Dawn's Light – The Rich Are More Equal

The Rich Are More Equal

In George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”  there is a sentence;  “All Animals are Equal but Pigs are More Equal”… if one reads that book and substitutes ‘Rich White Man” for Pig welcome to Trump’s America.

On election, Trump immediately dropped the taxes he and his millionaire friends pay.  After all, why should they have to pay for health care for the poor?   Why should they have to pay social security?   Let the poor die.  Let the old rot, unless they have a few million to sit on.

Everything Trump has done has filled his pocket and his friend’s pockets.  Of course, a lot of the deals won’t come to light until after he leaves office.  

Considering, as the esteemed Jay Gould stated; “I can hire half the working class to kill the other half”  there is no fear of blow back.

The rich can afford to hand out $100 bills to insure votes are bought and Trump gets reelected. After all, they may spend $1 Million but will rake in $5 Million, so it is a good investment.

Considering how old Trump is, he couldn’t less if the Earth becomes unlivable by 2050; he won’t be here.  Being a Pig has its perqs. 


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