Dawn's Light – Fading

There was a time the United States was respected.  When the opinions of the leadership were accepted.  A time when people looked up to America and its systems.

Today,  most countries select ABA (any  where but America) to do business, form treaties, and solicit aid.

China, aware of the desire of nations to NOT have to deal with America, raced in to fill gaps, offer alternatives.  

Other nations were not as fast off the mark.  

Since 2017  respect for America has plummeted,. The 2020 response to the Corona Virus confirms the fact that America’s position as a ‘world leader’ is gone.

Many nations, even those classified as Third World, were quicker to block travel and arrivants, shut down schools, stop social gatherings than America.  This is because in  other nations the people’s safety scores above profits to a handful of millionaires.

Although there are those embarrassed by the President’s ignorance, crassness, limited vocabulary and obvious inability to comprehend world issues, the fact is, he represents America.


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