Dawn's Light – Betrayal

America has, throughout history, betrayed its allies and broken treaties.  The difference is, up until present, these actions were hidden.

Most Americans are aware,  of course, that treaties made with the native population were often tricks, and the term; “white man speaks with forked tongue”  has had currency.

Lots of manufactured excuses, reasons have been given, but there was no real pressure to justify.

The ‘take away’ from this is that depending on America has never been wise and various groups and nations have learned this by experience.

Certain nations, due to their financial use, can expect special treatment, other nations and groups will be used, then discarded when the ‘cost’ of support is more than the ‘cost’ of abandonment.

Since 2017 all the masks and diversions are unnecessary.  

That Trump will publicly pull out of treaties,  either oblivious or uncaring of the result is the new standard.   That he will abandon allies; i.e. the Kurds, as if flushing a toilet is common.

Simply put, Trump sees no need to maintain the fiction of the ‘trustworthy’ America.


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Written by jaylar

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