Daily Homework: Is It Necessary for Students?

Education is the best thing for the student to have. Responsible parents should take all the sacrifices to give all the things for their children in the form of education. However, some busy parents have sentiments that children’s homework takes all their time, especially at night. For some reason, they wished that homework should be done once in a blue moon. Homework on a daily basis for children is too much to bear and even the parents who wished to take a rest at night. But then, they don’t have the choice. As a parent, they should take responsibility as super mama or papa in the eyes of their children with full of homework.

The importance of having homework is to learn something out of the tasks given by teachers at school. With such tasks, students are like working more than the prescribed working hours. That’s the reason why some students keep on complaining and at times, ask their parents to give a helping hand. What if parents are not around, who is going to give the support or assistance. For some families, they cannot afford to avail tutorial services online or offline.

In China, most students are in this kind of trouble. They have homework on a daily basis and continued to do it during weekends. In some cases, they can’t even enjoy their holidays or vacations because listed of homework given by their respective teachers. If ever the family wanted to have their long vacations, they just pack up their books and homework along the journey.

Whatever the educational system applies in certain countries, homework is the best tool to learn. If the child did it independently, then parents were so lucky enough to worry about their marks at school. For children who need extra support, then parents are always there to give an extra hand. In time, children would be able to remember parents’ sacrifices. They can also do the same cycle of having their own family in the future.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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  1. I think there can be homework but well, shouldn’t be too much.
    Just like you can’t have practice all day long …

    these children spent hours in school already, they need some balance

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