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Cutting the Cords – Pamela – 7

The next week Pam called to speak to her daughter. Again, it was another snipped call with Tammy, but a forced friendly with Tim.     

Pam had the feeling if she could get Tim on her ‘side’  he’d push Tammy to be nicer to her.

The week passed, Pam getting deeper into the job, the people, the city, so she had to  remind herself to make the call.

It was a warm ten minutes with Tim, a cold snip with Tammy.

Clearly, Tammy wasn’t interested in her.  Pam took a breath, shrugged.  She had expected it, so wasn’t feeling anything.

In her new world Pam met a lot of people, made friends, went out, had a life. She was so busy that she didn’t think of Tim or Tammy.  

She didn’t call the next Sunday.   She was having a fantastic time with her friends at a sporting match.

She didn’t feel guilty.


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Written by jaylar

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