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Cutting the Cords – Pamela – 5

Pam flew to her new home.   She was an emotional mess.  She couldn’t understand why or how her daughter disliked her.  

She went over her life and could find no reason why Tammy should virtually worship her worthless father, and despise her.  Pam had been her sole provider.  

Parking her personal thoughts, Pam became all business and took up the job.  As she had nothing, nowhere to go, she lived for work.  

She phoned home on Sunday. She spoke with Tim then asked to speak to Tammy.  

She heard Tim call her name and then angrily say,  “Your mother is on the phone, get here now!”

Keeping her voice sweet, despite realising Tammy didn’t want to talk to her, she asked;

“How are you?”  

“Fine.”  Tammy snipped.

“What are you doing?”

“My homework,” Tammy replied, then, “Here…” and gave the phone back to her father.


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Written by jaylar

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