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Cutting the Cords – Pamela – 2

Timmy couldn’t be faithful.  

As long as he didn’t have much money, he had been somewhat dependable. As soon as he made that first salary,  he   became who he always really was.

Pam didn’t want a major drama. 

That evening, after going through the motions of Mommy and Daddy, after putting Tammy to bed,  Pam calmly and quietly explained to Tim that she’d move out with Tammy.  

Suddenly, the little girl  ran in. 

Hysterical, Tammy  screamed that  she wouldn’t leave her Daddy.   She gripped him as if her life depended on it.  The way Tammy acted one would think  Pam had abused her.

The shock was enormous.

Pam had supported Tammy all the days of her life.  Had bought everything from text books to toys. Pam  had taken her to every fun place, yet.

Yet, Tim, who did nothing, was the beloved parent, she was the despised one.

It hurt Pam more than anything ever had.

How could this be?

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