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Cutting the Cords – Pamela-10 end

Pam believed she should feel guilty.  She should feel as if she ‘abandoned’  her daughter, or ‘discarded’ her, and ran away to this new city.

Yet, that did not match reality.

Her daughter Tammy absolutely did not want to be with her.  She had said it as a young child when the word ‘divorce’ was first used.   Tammy had repeated her demand to be with her Daddy over the years.  

Right now, Tammy preferred to be alone on her birthday in a flat where her father lived than with her in this fantastic city where she would have the whole nine yards.

So why should Pamela feel any sense of guilt or abandonment when Tammy wanted to be with her father.  Tammy didn’t want to be with her.

This meant Pam was free to live her life, to take that second chance.   There was no reason to cry about the past or look to ‘solve’ what wasn’t a problem.

Pam had a life to live and letting go of the past was how to do it.  

She would go for the divorce, give Tim full custody of Tammy and erase the years.

Unlike parents who quarrelled over whose turn it was to have the child, or what to do, Pam was free.

She cut the cords.



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Written by jaylar

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  1. If she tried everything to reach her daughter then she has nothing to feel guilty about, but, until she feels better she will feel guilty. The daughter sounds like she hates her mother and I have no idea what happened. Everyone should start over.

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