Cutting The Cords – Mark – 3 -End

Mark decided he had to try. 

For the next seven years of his life constantly called and emailed his sons about the property.

They rebuffed him, insulted him, made him feel like a fool.  Yet, he kept trying.

Finally, feeling a clown, he reflected on those words Leah had written.

He did have a right to a happy life, at least one without unnecessary stress.

No matter what had happened in the past, this was the present, and how could his sons be so focused on hurting him that they would lose property?

He went over the past years.

Phone calls, (many unconnected, not returned, or truncated).    

He went over the emails, (unanswered, ignored).

Finally,  as Leah, he realised it was time to cut the cords.



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Written by jaylar

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