Cutting the Cords – Mark – 1

To be honest, Mark wasn’t a good person.   He abused his wives, his kids, and wound up old and alone.

When his mother died, his first ex let it out that property had been left to him and to their sons.  Mark didn’t take it as said, but investigated.  But Leah, his first ex of three, was spot on.  There was a Will and his mother had left him a house, and had left one to their sons.

Mark  tried to contact his sons about the property, but they didn’t want to hear from him. His calls and messages went unanswered.   Needing someone to talk to, he contacted Leah, and asked her to tell their sons about the property.

“Mark, I did.”  She replied.” And do you know what they said?”  she didn’t pause for him to guess, “What do YOU get out of it?”

Mark was puzzled.  He may have slapped his kids around, but Leah hadn’t done anything…?


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Written by jaylar

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