Cutting the Cords – Herbert -9

When the ship reached California,  Judy went in her direction, Herbert flew home with Jeff.

Unknown to the sons, Herb and Judy intended to keep in touch.

Herbert contacted Judy often, as Jeff contacted Steve.   

After a month, Jeff asked his father for money to fly out and visit Steve.  Herbert paused. Jeff began a performance, so Herbert gave him cash.

The reason Herbert had paused was that he was thinking that if Jeff would visit Steve, then Judy could visit him.

He called her, they spoke and set up a meeting in Miami.   Herbert would pay for her ticket and all expenses, but she should not let Steve know about ‘them’.

“Steve knows,”  she said simply,  ” you mean you don’t want Steve to let Jeff know.”

“Exactly…” he said, loving her more.


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Written by jaylar

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