Cutting the Cords – Debbie – 1

Suddenly,  ‘scales’ had dropped from her eyes, and life hit Debbie Mercer with the impact of a lightening bolt.

She stood over the pot, deaf, dumb, blind,  realising that she had no life and had not had one for nearly fifteen years.

She wasn’t 25 any more.   She could crown herself as dedicated daughter but  was really the dumb drudge who had no life.

Questions raced into her mind, and she realised why her brother, Ever, had raced from the house,  grabbed jobs abroad, lived with various women and almost never came near the house.

“What’s burning?”  came her mother’s harsh voice.

Debbie snapped from her reverie, shut the stove, found bits that weren’t too burnt and  put them on a plate to serve her mother’s dinner.  


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Written by jaylar

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