Cutting the Cords – Andy – 4 – End

Andy had gone to the Bar to get away from the arguments, questions, decisions.

Don was his brother.  But how long would he have to carry him?   How long would he have to give his money, his space to Don, who brought nothing back?

Andy loved Camille.  He knew if he let Don stay in the flat, Camille would leave.  If she left it would be; ‘your brother or me?’  and her leaving meant Andy picked his brother.

He didn’t want to lose Camille.

He didn’t know what to do, then the song came on. 

 It was Bobby Womack’s Harry Hippie.

“Sorry Harry, you’re too much weight to carry around.”

The tears rolled down Andy’s face;  that song could have been written about his brother, Don.

The last line of the song entered  Andy’s mind as;  “Sorry Don, think I’m gonna put you down.”


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Written by jaylar

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